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Who we are

Since 1864 world's most famous directors, scenographers and costume designers applied to E. Rancati to hire or buy props for cinema, theatre, television.

We are the greatest
“Dream Factory” of Europe,
with offices in Milan and Rome.

We produce, transform and customize weapons and armor, furniture, furnishing accessories, costume and jewelery accessories from all the historical epochs, from man’s origins to the mid-900s.

For people working in the show business, Rancati (from four generations of the Sormani family) means finding objects created with the passion, the attention and the experience that comes from a history of over a century.

We are present with our historical locations in Milan and Rome. Since 2016 E. Rancati is represented in London by The Maestri Ltd.

For us,
tradition means evolution.

Not just objects in metal, wood, leather. The use of increasingly sophisticated plastic materials, resins and polyurethanes, created and used by the industry for the production of large quantities, are re-converted by true “craftsmen of entertainment”, yet capable of transforming fiction into reality.

Here, heavy body and armor, sharp swords and daggers, carved trunks and armchairs, precious crowns and collars, are nothing but reproductions, beautiful as if they were true.

Made in Italy

Our Made in Italy is born from the theatrical and then cinematographic successes of the great Masters of the past, Italians and foreigners.

“Roma città aperta”, “La dolce vita”, “Ben Hur”, “El Cid”, up to the latest productions, “Gladiator” , “Pirates of the Caribbean” , “Robin Hood” , “The Borgias” , “The Tudors” , “Exodus”, "Game of Thrones" and many more, are just a few examples of our long career.

Our history


The origin of our firm dates back to the second half of nineteenth century.
In Milan Pietro Zaffaroni and his wife Giulia Sormani own a workshop which furnishes the Scala Theatre and other theatres all over Italy.

In 1864 Giulia Sormani inherits her husband’s business. Afterwards she gets married
to the sculptor Edoardo Rancati, teacher in Fine Arts Brera Accademy in Milan.
Then Giulia’s brothers, Angelo and Giuseppe begin to work in the firm too.
So E. Rancati & C. is established.


In 1875 Angelo Sormani opens the branch in Rome. In 1892 E. Rancati & C. is awarded
at the Chicago World Exhibition. The firm grows and begins to have international success.

In 1912 Romolo Sormani, son of Angelo, gets acquainted and collaborates with the greatest
theatre and arts masters: Puccini, Mascagni, Toscanini, Savinio, De Chirico, Prampolini,Sironi and his brotherly friend Nicola Benois.

Since the Thirties to date

Negli anni ’30 e ’40 inizia un lungo rapporto di collaborazione con il cinema; Romolo infatti fornisce attrezzeria per le prime grandi produzioni cinematografiche.

Nel dopoguerra i figli Angelo, Anna e Giuseppe, danno grande sviluppo all’azienda,
facendo conoscere il nome della E.Rancati attraverso le più importanti produzioni
teatrali e cinematografiche del mondo. Cristina e Romolo Sormani (la quarta generazione) sono i titolari della E.Rancati s.r.l. con sedi a Milano, Roma e la recente rappresentanza a “Pinewood Studios” Londra.

We are associated with


Associazione Italiana Scenografi Costumisti Arredatori


Set Decorators Society of America